14-Year-Old Photographer Captures The Most Jaw-Dropping Wildlife Shots

Imagine knowing what you want to do in life at the early age of 12. Josiah Launstein is a young, accomplished wildlife photographer who won’t stop surprising us with his amazing skills.

He might be only 14, but he’s been taking stunning shots of animals for several years now. What’s even more interesting, Josiah won the Young International Bird Photographer of the Year Award for three consecutive years.

“I also really like the challenge of wildlife photography. Besides having to learn the technical side and how to quickly react to changing conditions, you never know if you’re going to spot an animal or if it will present an opportunity to photograph it at all! My family and I don’t bait, lure or call animals in or do anything to get an animal’s attention. If it happens, it happens, and if not, we still got to have a cool experience in nature and know we didn’t do anything to stress the animals we saw.”- Josiah Launstein told Modern Met.

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Hi all! Jenaya here. I just got back from a trip to the west coast and thought I'd share one of my favourites from my time there. I haven't photographed, or even seen, a Northern Hawk Owl in over 6 years. So when I heard about one that had been frequenting the area near where I was staying, I knew I had to throw out my schedule for the day and try to find him. Well, lucky me, I found him! And he couldn't have chosen a more amazing area for a setting. The blueberry bushes scattered throughout the area mixed with a recent snowfall made for some amazing colours! I doubt I'll get Northern Hawk Owl images that look like this again. I was later told that this guy is only the second Northern Hawk Owl spotted in that area in 30 years, so it was definitely a rare opportunity, and one I won't soon forget. This photo will be available as a fine art print later this month at our Wildlife Art Gallery in the Crowsnest Pass (Alberta) or DM for details on archival prints, sizing and pricing. Please note this owl was NOT baited, lured in, or manipulated in any way! #ethicalowlphoto #best_birds_of_ig #nuts_about_birds #bird_brilliance #owlsofinstagram #raptors_only #planet_birds #kings_birds #best_bird_shots #birds_adored #birds_perfection #best_birds_planet #best_birds_of_world #eye_spy_birds #wildlife_inspired #animalelite #splendid_animals #wildlifeonearth #igbest_animals #ig_discover_wildlife #nature_brilliance #instagood #bbcearth #wildlife_perfection #instanature #igbest_animals #nature_perfection #canadiancreatives #owlsofinstagram #owl #nikon #internationalwomensday

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