2018 Winner of LUMIX People’s Choice Award Shows Animals’ Feelings

The 2018 winners of Wildlife Photographer of the Year was announced last October, but the competition wasn’t over yet as the LUMIX People’s Choice Award, which is newly added in the contest, has recently announced the winning wildlife images chosen from 25 finalists.

Taking home the coveted prize is David Lloyd for his heartwarming photo called the “Bond of Brothers,” featuring two male lions nuzzling each other’s faces. According to Lloyd, it is not a common behavior for lions to nuzzle for so long so he felt honored to experience and capture this special moment.

The image reminds us that animals have the same feelings just like humans. “I’m so pleased that this image did well because it illustrates the emotion and feeling of animals and emphasizes that this is not limited to humans,” shared Lloyd. “It is something I think more people need to be aware of for the sake of all animals,” he shared.

His winning photograph will be part of the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, which will be on display until June 30, 2019.