Amateur Photographer Uses Skull-Shaped Pencil Erasers And Cheap Led Lights

Sometimes, the simplest things – such as a skull-shaped pencil eraser – can result in an extravagant series of photographs.

A Poland-based amateur photographer named Adrian Mechocki whose photography journey started exactly one year ago, loves snapping pictures of small items and toys. Mechocki bought his first camera and began experimenting with different subjects and long exposure technique. His work is pure; he doesn’t use photoshop nor any kind of editing tool.

Mechocki shares his work on his Instagram account called gratyfixation where he has an audience of almost 1,5k followers.

 “This is a skull shaped pencil eraser captured with long exposure technique and cheap led lights.” photographer said. “No photoshop. Nothing is added after taking a picture. I have changed only things like white balance and contrast.”

Check out his work below.