Amazing Photo-series About Water Pollution

Markus Aspegren is and awarded photographer from Kuopio, Finland, whose newest photo series about plastic pollution will make you think long and hard about this global problem.

Aspegren’s intention was to tell the story about nature that is being destroyed by people, in the hope that people will pay attention to the rising issue.

“We dump 8 million tonnes of waste in the sea every year, 80% of it plastic. For instance, the Great Pacific Gargabe Vortex is now an area three times the size of France,” the photographer shared on Bored Panda.

“Pollution brings detrimental changes in aquatic ecosystems. Vast amounts of rubbish and industrial waste end up in the same waters where we take our food and drink. This is my great worry, and it ought to be the concern of everyone here on the planet. Pick it up, people!”

You can see, only by glancing through his photos, that Aspegren used a lot of resources and worked long and hard with his team to bring this idea to life. His work is now done, and we can only hope that these incredible photos will help raise awareness among people.