Art Director Creates Mind-Boggling Photos Combining Different Objects

Image via combophoto/Instagram

The works of Stephen Mcmennamy are something you don’t see every day. This Atlanta-based art director manages to create mind-boggling photos by combining objects that don’t have anything in common but somehow perfectly fit together.

After discovering Instagram in 2011 and taking an interest in photography, Mcmennamy started playing with photo collages, which ended up developing into an ongoing digital series titled ComboPhotos.

What makes his works even more impressive is the fact that he doesn’t use stock photos for his collages, but instead takes every photo himself which can sometimes be very tiring.

“I’m always looking for props,” – Mcmennamy told CNN in a recent interview. “It’s a bit of a scavenger hunt at times.”

Other times, however, the perfect combination presents itself.

“There’re times that just happen in an instant. I could be at lunch and find two things that I could combine very easily.” – he reveals.

Check out some of his works below.

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