Artist Crafts Magical Sculptures of Fairies Using Metal Wire

In the hands of British artist Robin Wight, metal wire stops being just a construction material. Instead, it becomes a medium through which Wight brings magical sculptures of fairies to the real world.

Wight started crafting fairy sculptures almost by accident. After looking to mend his fence, he discovered that the metal wires he was using were quite strong but also malleable.

Being drawn to art his whole life, Wight decided to use the wires to make a sculpture. It came to him that he might start with creating a fairy, considering that he lived in the middle of the woods.

After his first creation turned out better than expected, Wight started exploring the fantasy world of fairies and wire sculpture further. His works started getting attention among locals and on social media, prompting him to create a project called Fantasy Wire.

Through Fantasy Wire, Wight and a team of collaborators, which consists of his family and friends, create magical sculptures of fairies full of intricate details. Some of these sculptures find homes with collectors while others become part of Trentham Fairy Trail, which is situated at Trentham Estate in Trentham, Staffordshire, UK, and serves as an open gallery for Wight and a place where visitors can experience works from all stages of his career.

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