Artist Creates Heartwarming Portraits of Dogs With Their Younger Selves

It is always remarkable to witness how much dogs change while growing older. It appears that it one moment they were these fuzzy puppies and in the next, they are all grown up.

Now, it goes without saying that we love dogs in all of their stages. However, it is somewhat nostalgic to look back once they are older and compare them to their puppy stage. That is exactly what Denver, Colorado-based artist Mandy Helwege provides to dog owners through Seeing Double Edits.

Helwege creates portraits of older dogs with their younger selves. Using Photoshop, she manages to create masterful photo edits that make it seem like the puppy and adult versions of the dog are hanging out together.

Because some owners adopted their dogs as adults, they might not have a photo that Helwege could use for the portraits. But that doesn’t represent a major obstacle for the artist, who will spend hours researching the internet to find the closest photo she can use.

“I’ve been doing art for as long as I can remember, and Seeing Double Edits combines all of my favorite things. I look forward to doing many of yours!” she shares on her website.

Check out more of her works below.