Bodypainter Wants People to Come Back to Nature

Image via vilija_art/Instagram

Vilija Vitkute is an artist and the creator of the beautiful photography series called Other Species where she makes tribal and nature-people related bodypainting.

Her artistic journey started in a small village in Sweden in 2013 where she first painted herself, then her friends and neighbors. According to the young artist, her work is about “modern people coming back to nature and starting seeing through the native eyes and understanding the language of nature”.

“I felt such a strong feeling while making bodypainting and making photography, that I finally find myself in something that is great to express myself, such a happiness and joy, that I want to work with for as long as possible and be the best I can about it.” Vitkute explains.

Check out her beautiful bodypaintings below. Do you have a favorite?

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“Reflections of Africa” My new work which I suppose to present in South Africa Maj 19th at Arnold Sports Festival competition, unfortunately, I was deported from Johannesburg because of Visa problem. I spend lots of preparation time to get ready for the journey to Africa, it was my big dream. No matter how tired, no sleep, stress, sad and disappointed I felt after 50 hours in airport and airplane being deported I decided to do not give up and finish what I was supposed to create here at home in Swedish woods. To create a positive and good ending. Here is my interpretation about “Reflections of Africa” More then 5 years ago I started bodypainting inspired by African tribal bodypainting in small Swedish Village called Ulvshyttan. I created my first bodypaint series called “Other Species” which changed my life and after that, I decided to dedicate my life to bodypainting and do the best about it. Since then I never stopped bodypainting, it brings so much light, joy and love to my life. The back site of Bodypaint is speaking about “Martha and Niki” Martha & Niki – The Documentary They are the first female dancers from Africa/Sweden to win world Hip Hop championship, which became a true inspiration for female dancers around the world. The Lion symbolize -Africa, the dear – Sweden, women in middle is a spirit of Love, light, power, creativity, world, spirit and up in hands she holds a light which is a winning prize of life achievement, which power and love for dream strong within. I got to meet Niki Tsappos Fulli because of Bodypainting and movie I saw about her and Martha. The story they have I feel inspired and want to share in my art. I feel that both stories have a connection, of doing what you love, what you believe, not giving up, dream with love. And we all are somehow connected inspired by Africa of its culture: dance, music, art, nature, its light and warm. Mother Africa connected us in a way to reach our dreams. By Vilija Vitkute Art Model Linn Mann Big thanks to my model which was always there for me, Johannes, Molnbo Roommates and bodypainters family in Africa, thank you all for support during my tuff time and im sending all the LOVE. “Other Species” – Vil

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