Cake Artist Savannah is Making Dreamy Cakes Inspired By Zodiac Signs

Astrology has been fascinating people for centuries, and one cake artist from Texas came up with a sweet way to channel her obsession with the zodiac. Savannah specializes in making the most delicious retro cakes that capture the energy of different zodiac signs.

Savannah is a cake artist based in Austin Texas, who goes by @4s4a4v on Instagram and @444lover on TikTok. Her videos are a huge hit on both platforms, and she has a joint following of over 350.000 people across several different social media accounts.

Savannah is one of many artists who have embraced the art of making retro cakes in recent years. Her delicious creations will take you decades into the past and win you over with their nostalgic vibe and vintage decorations.

Savannah finds inspiration everywhere around her, but astrology is definitely the cornerstone of her cake art. She found viral popularity with her “fairy” series, which sees her crafting whimsical cakes that pay homage to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Each cake is inspired by the characteristics of different signs, perfectly recreating their vibe, but there are some elements they all have in common. They’re usually heart-shaped and decorated with butterflies or mushrooms, which give them a fairytale-like aesthetic.