Max, The Cat Steals the Neighbor’s Newspaper

If you ever owned a cat than you should know that gifts like dead birds or mice are perfectly normal. But Max from New Zealand decided he would bring a little bit more special...

Marianna Rothen’s Photography is Funny as it is Scary

Photographer Marianna Rothen shows a special interest in female identity. In her series Mail Order, she flips the power dynamic between women and men, making the men the passive objects.

Greeting Card Brand Aims to Spread Kindness and Joy

Sisters Eunice James and Sabrina Moyle spread positivity through their paper brand Hello!Lucky, which specializes in illustrated greeting cards accompanied with witty puns (and the occasional dad joke).

23-Year-Old Guy is Passionate About Rating Benches

People like rating things. And nowadays it became a profession, as well. Like, for example, a food blogger who explores various restaurants, and writes an opinion on it, or a makeup artist...