Chloe Fleury’s Colorful Paper Props Will Delight You

We were first drawn to Chloe Fleury’s Instagram for its vibrant color choices. Curated to perfection, it presents a vision of yellows, pinks, and blues—a summer dream packed neatly inside our phones. It was only later that we became acquainted with Fleury’s paper artwork, which is as colorful and delightful.

Born in France and now based in sunny Los Angeles, Fleury is an illustrator, prop stylist, and paper artist. A true color lover if we’ve ever seen one, she’s known for her eye-popping paper vignettes and three-dimensional paper sculptures. “I like to transform bright and flat sheets of paper into three-dimensional illustrations and displays,” said Fleury in an interview with Refinery29.

Describing her work as “colorful and fun”, she admits to letting color guide her when it comes to her playful creations. “Colors make me happy,” says Fleury. “I really love all the colors and it really depends on my mood. Some days I am more blue, some I am more pink or orange. Let’s just say I am really into neon colors lately—and turquoise!”

Her second great love is arts and crafts, or more specifically: making things with her own hands. “I’ve always loved making things with my hands,” she shared. “Later, I discovered stop-motion animation, and the part I loved the most in the process of making a short movie was to create the decors and little worlds.

Her projects can last anything between a day or two, and up to a full month for a short animation piece. Choosing the right materials is also important in Fleury’s line of work. “I’ve spent a lot of time finding the paper that I like, that is not too thick or too thin, easy to fold and curve,” she notes. “Same goes for the tools I use and the glue. It is important for me to use materials I feel comfortable with in order to be more detailed in my work. I am very meticulous.”

Follow her colorful creations on Instagram.