Dawn Okoro’s Artwork Is Bold, Feminine, and Striking

Dawn Okoro’s Afropunk portraits are bold, vibrant, and unapologetic. Here to make a statement, Okoro uses a mixture of fashion illustration, photography, and design to create unique artworks that challenge the beauty norms as we’ve come to understand them.

“Art can be a tool for political activism,” explained Okoro in an interview with Super.Selected. “First it’s a way to draw attention to an issue. Art can make people ask questions. Second, art can unite the public so that they can engage and contribute to change.”

“The purpose of my art is to be visually stimulating while creating a topic for conversation,” she went on the explain. “My work captures, femininity as a social construct as well as biological attributes. My work captures a lot of the Western ideals of femininity when I include stilettos, clothing that accentuates the waistline, and certain body shapes. On the other hand, I want to challenge Western ideals of feminine beauty.  That is why I paint more women who look like me – women of color.”

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