Emily Ventures Wants to Visit Every National Park in the United States

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own country to be a true adventurer, and Emily Ventures is a case in point. This American solo traveler found viral fame after deciding to embark on a quest to visit each and every national park that the United States has in store.

Emily Ann Hart is the mastermind behind the travel blog Emily Ventures, and her journey has been a joy to follow. If you’re a nature lover at heart, you’ll enjoy her inspiring, in-depth social media posts that chronicle her journey across North America’s most spectacular national parks.

This brave solo traveler had already visited every U.S. state without anyone by her side but eventually decided that wasn’t enough. She’s now feeding her wanderlust by trying to visit every national park in her home country, and she’s already checked out 59 so far.

Emily believes that each national park is beautiful in its own right, and deciding which one is your favorite comes down to your motivation to visit it in the first place.

“Some parks are great for a drive, some parks are great to bike in, some parks are on water or have a lot of water inside, some parks are better for families, and some parks have entire towns inside. The point: understand your motivation for the trip and how it matches up to where you are going,” she wrote on her official website.