Eunpyon’s Anime-Inspired Illustrations Look Straight Out of This World

One of the best things about art is that it has the power to take us to completely different worlds, and Eunpyon’s illustrations are a case in point. This conceptual artist will rock your world with her anime-inspired illustrations that have to be seen to be believed.

Instagram page Eunpyon was started by the Filipina artist Eunice Cruzabra, who’s been in love with art for as long as she can remember. She spent countless hours working on her own Disney storybooks and comics as a child and filled her school notebooks with character designs and caricatures.

She eventually decided to pursue education in this field and studied multimedia art in college. Social media allowed her to find her audience, and there are now over 200,000 eyes looking at each illustration she shares on Instagram.

All of Eunpyon’s creations have a few things in common, including countless tiny little details hidden within them and fluorescent colors that give them a futuristic feel. She enjoys using a multitude of colors and textures to take us to different worlds.

“The world that I imagine is constantly changing. Sometimes it’s bright, clear and hopeful and sometimes it’s a little fuzzy and dim… It’s a battle to try to draw it or put it into words because our world is larger than life,” she wrote on Instagram.