French Photographer Travels Europe in Search of Deserted Old Pianos

French photographer and classical pianist Romain Thiery spent the last 10 years of his life traveling and searching for material for his series of photographs titled “Requiem pour pianos.”

“Requiem pour pianos” represents the combination of Thiery’s passion for photography and pianos, and sees him taking haunting images of deserted old pianos in abandoned buildings all over Europe. While pianos are the central theme of his photos, he also tries to capture the overall atmosphere of the building he is in.

“The series is a project that is really close to my heart,” Thiery says about this project. “At first people always wonder whether they are paintings or photographs. I try to make the atmosphere very peaceful and the textures and light as natural as possible. People tell me they feel immersed as if they can hear some notes of the music still. I am often asked why the piano but this instrument has been with me since I was very young and as a piano teacher is an integral part of my life today.”

So far he explored hundreds of abandoned houses and castles in number of countries including France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Romania.

You can check out some of Thiery’s works below.