Hannah Kwasnycia’s Mild Moss Embroidery Celebrates Nature’s Fragility

Many embroidery artists are inspired by the natural world, but Hannah Kwasnycia’s creations still manage to stand out. Unlike most of her peers, she’s not interested in stitching together pretty flowers, opting to celebrate the underrated beauty of moss, corals, and mushrooms instead.

Kwasnycia is masterminded behind Mild Moss, and the name of her brand perfectly captures what her art is all about. She enjoys putting underrated living organisms under the radar, paying homage to moss, mushrooms, mold, lichen, coral, and bacteria cultures through her one-of-a-kind embroidery pieces.

Kwasnycia’s art will inspire you to see the beauty in overlooked details of life, taking you straight into the woods. Many of her creations are brought to life with so much attention to detail that they’ll transport you to the heart of the forest because they look just as good as the real thing. Instead of relying on a bunch of different colors to make her embroidery hop, she relies on different stitching patterns to give them depth and texture.

Kwasnycia’s creations are a love letter for some of nature’s most fragile forms of life that go unnoticed by most people. She decided to put them front and center in her art as a reminder that beauty is all around us – especially if you dare to step deep into the woods.