Illustrations Are Added to Buildings to Create Surreal Reality

Have you ever wondered what creativity will be like in the next few years? From time to time, new concepts of designs keep coming. Unlike decades ago, creativity is given more expression in our present time.

The images displayed here are those of a graphic designer and at the same time a photographer. He is known on Instagram as “paperboyo”, and he’s got numerous designs to his credit. More of his works can be seen in his gallery via his Instagram account.

He takes nice shots of the environment, and then adds his own designs to them, to give the image an entirely different look. As a creative designer, he sees beyond the shots he takes and sees something else that he could make of the objects. In all, these are not 100% designs; neither are they 100% photos. These are images of reality mixed up with designs.

They look really amazing!

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Stadthalle & Sheep Mashup #Chemnitz #Saxony #Germany

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