Lee Sangsoo Uses Colorful Steel and Resin to Create Minimalistic Animal Sculptures

For Seoul, South Korea-based artist Lee Sangsoo, the less is more. Sangsoo is creating minimalistic animal sculptures that are devoid of any major features but still recognizable to the viewer at first glance.

Sangsoo’s sculptures look like a group of tangled lines, and technically, they are just that. The artist uses digital tools to render a sculpture using thick and colorful lines. He then brings that abstract image to life using 3D-printed resin and steel.

According to Sangsoo, his works are influenced by the famous painter Pablo Picasso, who used minimal lines to depict animals in his works.

“Among Picasso’s works, there are works that draw animals with minimal lines. I received my first inspiration through those works, and I wanted to reproduce them in a space rather than a canvas,” Sangsoo explained in an interview with Museum Week.

Sangsoo adds that it isn’t hard for him to find inspiration for new pieces as he enjoys observing animals and their unique characteristics.

So far, Sangsoo exhibited his unique works across Asia and Europe. Until he comes to the United States, you can check out his works thanks to social media. Continue scrolling to see more.