Mermaid Model Swims With Sharks To Raise Awareness About These Sea Creatures

Image via mermaid_deepblue/Instagram

Mermaid Deepblue is a UK-based underwater model and a level 2 freediver. She’s also an ocean conservationist and she wants to raise awareness to protect the sharks.

She has always dreamed of becoming a mermaid, ever since she was a kid. She became interested in sharks when she experienced diving with these sea animals. Then she began training to become a mermaid. Together with the talented photographer, Pia Venegas, they started to work with sharks in the open water.  You must follow all the rules to be safe with sharks. After the successful photo shoot, Deepblue has been involved in several underwater photography projects.

Through her photos, she wants to promote the beauty of the ocean and to change the point of view of people with regards to sharks. They are also an important part of the ecosystem and deserve respect.

Doing the shoot with sharks requires to be calm at all times and to trust the team. They stay underwater in an average of 30 minutes between 10-18 meters depth.