Mom Captures Baby’s Monthly Milestones With Pizza Slices

Wedding and family photographer Dani Leigh Giannandrea came up with a creative way to mark her baby’s monthly milestones.

Instead of celebrating it with cakes and candles, the Maryland-based artist used pizza slices as a nod to her husband’s Italian heritage and her son’s Italian name Lorenzo.

Giannandrea admitted that using pizza wasn’t as easy as she thought. “There was pizza grease everywhere,” she told Today. She added that her old pizza slicer didn’t work well to cut each pizza into 12 slices, which is not the normal cut. She also gave advice to parents who are planning to do something similar: “Invest in a quality pizza cutter.”

During the photo shoots, Giannandrea said that the hardest thing was trying to get her son to stop crawling away from the food. She posted the photos to her own blog and on social media after Enzo turned 1 on Feb. 10. And she was surprised that the photo has now gone viral across the globe.