Photographer Captures Amazing Black and White Photos Using His iPhone

Koci Hernandez is an internationally recognized Emmy Award-winning visual storyteller and one of the leading photographers in the world today. In his mysterious black and white photos, he captures unguarded moments in public spaces using only his iPhone.

20 years ago, Hernandez transitioned from traditional to iPhone photography, only because he realized that his iPhone is the most efficient and quickest way to photograph everyday scenes. When asked what is the key ingredient of his photos, without hesitating Hernandez said it was mystery.

“As funny as it sounds, the true storytelling potential of any image sits in the heart and mind of the viewer, not the photographer. No matter what my intention is or the real situation of the photograph, the viewer is actually the one in control of the ultimate meaning and context,” said the photographer.

Hernandez is a two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee and his work appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Wired, Time, USA Today, and a National Geographic Book on iPhone Photography.