Photographer Captures Breathtaking Images of Iceland’s Ice Caves That Light up Like Amber

Being a nature photographer is much more rewarding than you could ever imagine. Sarah Bethea realized this after she decided to travel to Iceland and visit the infamous ice caves and was left breathless. The first time she got there, thanks to the lighting, the ice suddenly lit up like amber. She managed to capture this magic on her camera and decided to visit again just a few months later.

“I have always wanted to be a conservationist and I think photos are a great way to inspire love and appreciation of nature. They can help us connect to and care for places we have not yet seen, and can illustrate important issues and the need for action. I think it’s wonderful if people see my photos and are inspired to get outside and see these places for themselves, but first and foremost I hope to connect people with nature, and show them that these places are worth saving.”- says Sarah.

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The most vibrant blue ice caves ❄️

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