Photographer Captures Hilarious Expressions Of Dogs Trying to Catch Treats

Christian Vieler is a photographer who found, in our opinion, the greatest and most beautiful job ever. He’s taking photos of dogs trying to catch their favorite treats in the air.

You’ll be amazed to see how every one of these dogs has a unique expression and personality and the photographer skillfully captures all of that.

Christian started taking treat shots by accident, back in 2013, while he was testing a brand-new flash he’d just bought. His first model was his dog, Lotte.

“The problem was: She was (and fortunately still is) a very chilled labrador and didn’t move in front of me. So what gets a lab moving better than a treat?! I started throwing and hit my camera button at the same time … just to find out the right settings for a “motion freezing setup.” Days later – when I cleaned my hard drives – I recognized how funny some results turned out”, told Christian for *Bored Panda*

He collected all of his best works in a book called “Treat!” and you can also find his hilarious shots on Instagram.

Take a look at these adorable faces.