Photographer Captures Small Yet Charming Buildings in Kyoto, Japan

We all know that Japan is a country rich in culture and heritage and Kyoto, being the cultural capital of Japan, is best known for its majestic old temples and imperial palaces. One photographer decided to unveil the beauty of the city’s less grand architecture.

In 2016, John Einarsen, founder of Kyoto Journal, started an Instagram series called “Small Buildings of Kyoto,” which captured tiny yet charming buildings in his hometown.  Two years later, his collection is nearly 400 photos that he decided to make a second book.

“I think to begin with I was drawn more to the buildings with more obvious quirks, perhaps because I was thinking about how viewers would respond, to create a sense of novelty…The project is still all about showing this other side of Kyoto that is largely ignored, but I think that looking at the images now, viewers might notice they have mellowed or toned down, so maybe you need to look at them a little longer, ponder the details to appreciate them fully…,” he told Bored Panda.