Photographer Captures the Resemblance of People and Their Dogs

Image via gezgethings/Instagram

Ever since he was a child, British photographer Gerrard Gethings has always been fascinated by birds, insects, and animals. And when he brought home a young border terrier pup in 2008, he started to photographs animals and today he is considered as one of the finest animal portraitists in the world.

“I don’t want to create images of animals that are patronizing. My subjects are complex and characterful creatures, full of pathos, humor and unpredictability. I want them to appear epic. For me, a domestic pet is no less beautiful or majestic than a wild animal.  Familiarity often makes us forget this, but when you get up close and capture every soulful detail in the eyes of a dog, cat or horse, then you start to remember where it came from.  They seem important and individual again. With a heritage that dates back to forever,” he shared on his website.

He created a fun series which brought the best physical traits of people and their beloved dogs by putting them side by side in a photo. You will see portraits of people posing in the same manner as their pets and most of them are really cute and hilarious.

The collection has been made into a card game called, “Do You Look Like Your Dog,” in which you will pair up the dogs with their owners. It has photos of people and dogs and funny texts to provide clues about the 25 owners and their furry buddies. The memory game will be available on Sept. 10.

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These guys are great. #doyoulooklikeyourdog

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