Photographer Fell in Love With a Stray Dog and Rescued it

Image via The soul of my lens Photography/Facebook

Zoltan Attila Kecskes is a passionate portrait and travel photographer who loves taking pictures of dogs.

On one of his latest trips, he and his fiancée visited Sal, Cape Verde, and while they were on the road they were shocked by how many stray dogs are out there.

Although he didn’t bring his portrait lenses, he still had the urge to photograph the doggies. Because of the type of lense he did have, he had to get very close to the dogs and capture their true personalities.

Among all these dogs, there was one special dog who stole their heart.

“We met him on the first day of our holiday and he basically stayed with us for the whole time,” photographer said. “He waited for us every morning in front of our accommodation and we spent every day together. We loved him so much we decided to rescue him and we named him Beau.”

Scroll down and check out Zoltan’s work below.