Photographer Revisits Women in History

From 80’s nerds and 50’s housewives to 90’s hip hop artists and classical portraits like Ophelia floating in the river, this artist has drawn inspiration from the varying representations of women throughout the centuries, giving them a new story, a new voice, and new power.

Oregon-based Kate Woodman is no ordinary photographer. Her connection with art transcends a single medium, as an artist, art director, lighting tech, stylist, set designer, and composite artist. She does everything for her photoshoots, not because she’s a control freak, but because she knows how she wants it done. She is a storyteller, striving to tell powerful narratives through her colorful photography portraits of women. She is also a blue belt in jiu jitsu… but you probably won’t need to worry about that.

Woodman’s photography stands out, among other things, because she has expert knowledge of color theory, manifested through a thoughtful, rich application and saturation of color. Each model, setting, and shade, are accentuated perfectly to convey the story she wants to tell us.

Scroll down to check out her work: