Thibaud Poirier Gives You a Sneak Peek of the World’s Modernist Churches

It doesn’t matter if you are a believer or not, the Sacred Spaces series by Thibaud Poirier will make you want to travel to these modernist churches. This photographer is as impressed with architecture as much as he is with taking photos all over the world. Thibaud traveled to many places and tried to capture not only the unique interior of these churches, but also wanted to make the viewer feel like they were present there with him. His obsession with architecture goes way beyond modernist churches. The innovative Poirier has been to the most stunning libraries, glaciers, galleries and keeps on getting all the magnificent shots, which you can check out on his Instagram.

“Despite their great stylistic differences, the glue between these churches remains invisible to the human eye yet vibrates within each of us: the emotional state created whilst one is present. The sense of belonging. The conviction of something larger than us all.”- the artist explains.

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