Photographer Thomas Jorion Captures Abandoned Palaces

A lot of photographers prefer to search for beautiful spots and ephemeral moments to capture with their camera. French photographer Thomas Jorion, on the other hand, prefers a different setting. He uses an analog camera and focuses on spots that have been abandoned. Structures and spaces that have been lost to time and nature.

Most of his images contain majestic buildings that have been forgotten and abandoned. He gives them some attention and composition, and they become masterpieces.

Some of the spots are abandoned hotels. One is the Optel, Haludovo Palace Hotel in Croatia. This hotel was named after a beach and was constructed in 1971. It received a lot of fanfare when it was opened but closed down when the casino went bankrupt. Today, it is a shadow of its former self.

You can see more photos on his Instagram page. Scroll below to see some of the photos.