Photographer Travels Around the Globe and Shares Her Findings

French photographer Sidney Léa Le Bour will go to any length to capture that perfect shot. Traveling around the globe and meeting unique cultures and people along the way, Le Bour’s photos look like modern-day mythologies.

From a wrestling competition in Turkey and limestone quarries in Egypt to a petroleum spa in Azerbaijan, her works are full of splendor. “Color and people are two important characteristics of my work,” she writes on her website.

“When I discover an odd tradition, a curious sport or anything else that I didn’t know about, I always want to see that by myself,” she told wertn. “That’s how and why I covered so many unexpected events.”

“Sometimes it’s just a picture on the internet that arouses my curiosity, sometimes I hear about these places because people know that I’m interested in those. And, It’s endless because the more reportages I make, the more I hear about other places.”

“I try to find a balance between going abroad to make new reportages and spend time back home to prepare and communicate on these works,” she added. “It’s a huge part of our work, not very well known. When you imagine a reporter, you always think of her or him traveling around and having amazing adventures far away. But, every travel is prepared.”

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