Pictures Of Sharks On A Feeding Frenzy

While on a family time out in Red Bluff on Quobba Station in Western Australia, a very remote camping location where the desert meets the Indian Ocean, amazing Australian photographer Sean Scott noticed a huge bait school of fish (a defense strategy employed by batfish, where millions of them swim together in a tight union) and flew his drone to have a clearer view.

The sight was blissful; the clarity of the water, the school of fish, the shark, the houses, the surfs and the surfers created a beautiful combination that amplifies the beauty of nature.

Sean Scott took some jaw-dropping pictures of sharks. Amazingly enough, in the photos, you can see people swimming in the same water with the sharks directly beneath them, without worries.

Sean Scott is so passionate about his craft that he goes the extra mile to capture jaw-dropping images. Go through his instagram page and be blown away.