Prue Stent’s Portraits Conceal More Than They Reveal

Melbourne-based photographer Prue Stent captures unique portraits that conceal more than they reveal. Hiding her subjects under layers of textile and fabric, her photographs make for an eerie effect. An effect that has grabbed the attention of clients like Gucci and has earned her more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram.

Collaborating mostly with her friend and artist, Honey Long, Stent admits she still has a hard time owning her artistic persona. “I usually say I’m a photographer, I feel a bit funny saying I’m an artist,” she told i-D.

“I shouldn’t, because I don’t actually make any money off commercial photography. But I still feel a bit self-conscious about it. I guess it’s the uncertainty of being an artist, that it doesn’t really feel like a legitimate job and you never know when you’re going to have to go and seek other work.”

Talking about her creative process, she added: “I’ve realised you can’t control everything and it’s important to keep your friends close and not become competitive. Surrounding yourself with artists is also important. Like if my Instagram got deleted, I’d be really annoyed, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. The internet is such a funny place, I don’t want to feel too attached to it.”

Funny or not, her Instagram page is well worth following.

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