These Close-Up Photos Show Amazing Details of Everyday Things

In a project entitled “Amazing Worlds Within Our World,” artist Pyanek managed to capture the beauty of everyday object using macro photography. The resulting images are astonishing and they show every little detail of these object that we’re used to seeing every day, but we likely won’t recognize them in Pyanek’s pictures.

“It’s an exploration of the details of everyday things we might commonly dismiss. In the process of making this series, I experience them as adventures into the worlds within our world”, says the artist on Bored Panda.

In his photos, we’re able to see the complexity of the objects that surround us, which we wouldn’t be able to catch with a naked eye. To make these mesmerizing shots, Pyanek uses a reverse lens technique which means he’s reversing the normal DSLR lens and attaching it back into the camera. But the process is not that simple – it requires a lot of preparation, skills, and studying.

When we mentioned that the artist is photographing everyday object we weren’t kidding. In his photos, you’ll see a kitchen sponge, cigarettes, paint brushes, a pen, sugar, soap, and many other mundane objects. Take a look at the photos yourself.