This Dad And Baby Daughter Dress Up To Create Hilariously Magical Photos

36-year-old California dad Sholom Ber Solomon has an incredible relationship with his 9-month-old daughter. He didn’t want to wait until she could walk before playing dress up with his baby. His ability to create an adorable scene using costumes and props has the Internet buzzing and begging for more.

Solomon has been collecting memories of his daughter for quite some time and they have built up quite the portfolio. Before he was playing dress up with his daughter, he owned a vintage shop. He has quite a talent for finding the perfect costume to create hilarious stories.

License And Registration


There’s no getting out of this ticket. Sholom’s adorable daughter looks up at her crazy dad as he pretends to write her a ticket. With the top down, that precious bundle of joy was likely putting the pedal to the medal.

Safari Adventure


It doesn’t take much to create a scene, as long as you have a safari hat and a stuffed lion on hand. He most likely took multiple shots in one sitting in order to get the best facial expressions from his daughter. He definitely knows how to get her to smile.

Sholom told the Daily Mail: “I plan to take photos with her as long as she will let me.”

The Cutest Garden Gnome


You can do a lot with $30 coveralls and a few materials to make a gnome costume. She looks a little embarrassed about this photo. Wait until she is a teenager and realizes she was already a viral sensation. We’d love to see the look on her face when she realizes these photos are forever.

Daddy’s Growing Flower


Did your high school yearbook have a page your parents could buy to wish you good luck in college? This seems to be the perfect image for her senior yearbook page. In all actuality, all of these photos would make a perfect

In all actuality, all of these photos would make a perfect collage. They are perfect reminders of a father’s love.

Recital Night


It must be a rule that when you become a parent, you become one giant bag of humility. I’ll bet he can’t wait to show her future boyfriends what they are dealing with if they mess with his daughter. We wouldn’t want to mess with a crazy dad in a tutu.

“C” Is For Cookie


It’s difficult to pick the best photo out of the 100 or so he has taken. This one is definitely in the top ten, possibly even the top five. This one has everything—creativity, timing, and set design. If Sholom hasn’t won any awards for his masterpieces, we believe it’s about time.

Laundry Day


In terms of facial expressions, this bathtime photo takes the grand prize. If you think Sholom is running out of ideas, think again. Naturally, his site isn’t updated daily, but every few days you will be treated to another hilarious stunt by Sholom and his daughter.

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