This Photographer “Travels” Through Time and Hangs out With Celebrities

Image via celine_.liu/Instagram

If you check out some of the photos from Chinese photographer Silin Liu, you’ll often see her sitting on the beach with Albert Einstein, trying to play with Andy Warhol’s hair or enjoying a picnic with Audrey Hepburn.

Although it may seem that Liu somehow managed to find the secret of time traveling, the truth is that she is just creative and really good with Photoshop.

These photographs are part of Liu’s ongoing series I’m Everywhere, in which she places herself alongside some of history’s most famous people and important moments, wanting to explore the role of photography in culture and the way this medium is used to tell the stories from the past.

“Every time we take a photograph and share it, it is like a ritual or ceremony,” she says. “We are lost in this irrational worship, meanwhile emitting an entirely new version of ourselves, or, say we are releasing our pent-up selves; such a process expels the fear and helplessness of the environment, and the original but disordered environment maybe also gives us the freedom and opportunity to refelect our fate.”

Check out some of her remarkable works below.

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Kelly and I

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Note this #Finissage with Concert for tonight, 13th November 2018, 7 p.m.! Last Chance to see: Silin Liu (alias Céline Liu) | I’M EVERYWHERE | Migrant Bird Space | 13.11.2018 Migrant Bird Space @migrant_bird_space will conclude the exhibition I'M EVERYWHERE by the artist Silin Liu (Alter Ego Céline Liu) @celine_.liu with a finissage on Tuesday, 13 November 2018 at 7 pm. Silin Liu (a.k.a. Céline Liu) has just received the ARTE | PiB Award 2018 in the context of the … MORE BELOW: —– Finissage mit Konzert heute, 13.11.2018, 19 Uhr in Mitte! Last Chance to see: Silin Liu (alias Céline Liu) | I’M EVERYWHERE | Migrant Bird Space | 13.11.2018 Migrant Bird Space @migrant_bird_space beendet am Dienstag, 13. November 2018 ab 19 Uhr die Ausstellung I’M EVERYWHERE der Künstlerin Silin Liu (Alter Ego Céline Liu) @celine_.liu mit einer Finissage. Silin Liu (a.k.a. Céline Liu) erhielt gerade den ARTE | PiB Award 2018 im Rahmen der … MEHR HIER: #MigrantBirdSpace #migrant_bird_space #SilinLiu #CelineLiu #silinliu #contemporaryartcollector #ArtMarket #artnow #newcontemporaryart #contemporarypainting #contemporaryartist #booooooom #emergingart #zeitgenössischekunst #contemporaryartgallery #contemporaryarts #kunstværk #finearts #billedkunst #kunstner #artmakesbeautiful #kunstmachtschön #artmakessmart #artisawholebrainer #artcompassworld #deedsworld #artatberlin Artwork/Werksabb.: Silin Liu 刘思麟, Marilyn Monroe & Celine Liu, MO-Industries

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