Woman Created a Bird Photo Booth to Capture the Birds In Her Yard

When Lisa M. Ca, better known as Ostdrossel on social media, moved from Germany to Macomb County, she noticed that the weather and seasons in Germany and Michigan are pretty much the same, but the birds are a bit different.

“I wanted to get a little closer and started researching what cameras are out there as a little addition to my DSLR. This is how I found the Bird Photo Booth,” she told MT in 2016. The photo booth captured the beauty of birds up close and personal. She shared the photos on her social media account and her posts quickly went viral.

Since then, many birds have visited her yard. She’d also set up a camera trap to be able to know more about the birds. She used Bird Photo Booth 2.0 and tiny camera with a motion sensor so that when a bird comes, the camera captures it in a discreet way. From beautiful doves to cardinals, you can see different types of birds in Ca’s gallery. Check out below.