Woman Fakes Her Death In Witty Series That Protests Selfie Culture

We’ve seen numerous photo crazes that have taken the internet by storm over the years. But just when we thought that nothing can surprise us anymore – enters Stephanie Leigh Rose.

Rose is an artist and the creator of the hilarious photo series “Stefdies”. What’s so hilarious about her photos? Unlike most people who try to look their best in their selfies, Rose fakes her death in them, laying down in public places and pretending to be dead.

“In the current culture of selfie stick-Kardashian-YouTube-Photoshopped-mememememe shows, we have forgotten what it means to take or treasure a photograph,” she explained her mission.

So far, she “died” in many places, including: the Eiffel Tower, the San Diego Zoo, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

“We live in a virtual reality obsessed culture. Nothing is what it truly is, especially in photographs. Everything is airbrushed, circle light enhanced, prop centric, and enhanced. ‘Everything is staged. We are all merely players.”

Her photos are not just funny, they’re a great way of protesting the selfie culture obsessed with beauty and perfection. Take a look at the Stefdies collection.

STEFDIES in Cueva Grande

STEFIDES at La Tour Eiffel

STEFDIES on the clown’s turf in Rome

STEFDIES in front of Cinderella