Naim Josefi Makes the Case For Technological Fashion

    It all started with a simple, but powerful, idea: to make other people happy. Having moved from Iran to Sweden at only 23 years of age, Naim Josefi was determined to study medicine, but working as a help nurse was enough to make him change direction completely.

    “I saw too much suffering, I wanted to make people happy instead,” he relayed in an interview with Fashion Stories.

    That change came through fashion. Based in Stockholm, Josefi’s fashion label is all about having a good time, with his designs both quirky and original. But though his brand is based around this simple idea, his designs are anything but simplistic. “I approach designing clothes very scientifically,” he notes.

    Striving for innovation, his brand created the first 3D printed shoe in the world. In 2015, they also started to use a laser technique as treatment of their jeans to lower the use of chemicals and water. Now, their goal is to be 100% sustainable.

    With an eye for fashion-forward design and sophisticated tailoring, combined with high technology and innovation, Josefi’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2011, he won the first installment of Project Runway in Sweden, and he has received several prestigious awards since.

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