Oh! To Live in a Marc Martin Illustration

Marc Martin’s illustrations are bright, colorful, and uplifting. Full of pattern and movement, his artwork explores the many ways colors and shapes playfully interact with each other, providing a dense setting that...

Illustrator Makes Paper Figures to Take Pictures Instead Of Her

Taking a trip is always a thrilling and challenging experience no matter your destination. The things that we do while traveling stay with us forever and so do the pictures we take. Or do they? 

You’ll Definitely Fall In Love with This Adorable Coonhound

Meet Theron Humphrey, a traveling photographer from Tennessee who’s been to all 50 states together with his best pal, Maddie the coonhound. And whenever Humphrey is on the road working on a...

Artist Creates Playful Monsters Inside the NYC Subway

Ben Rubin, better known as Subway Doodle on social media, is a creative director at The Mint Farm – a creative marketing studio in Brooklyn.

These Travel Photos Look Like Something Out of a Fairy-Tale

Taking an original photo is not an easy task, especially on trips abroad. Sure, the Eiffel Tower is stunning and the Grand Canyon is awe-inspiring, but anyone who's ever been there probably...

Getting Over a Break-Up? Try Traveling

Traveling is about fun and adventures for most people, but for Emily Luxton, a London-based travel blogger, it was about getting over a breakup. And it was just the therapy she needed.

Travelers, Meet Your New Inspiration

Traveling is a luxury most of us aspire to experience, but not all of us can afford. What we can do is follow professional travelers on social media and experience some of the fun through...

New York City Artist Turns Phone Booth Into an Incredible Floral Display

Floral designer Lewis Miller loves to surprise New Yorkers with elaborate floral bouquets in a practice he calls “flower flashes.”  According to Miller, the floral designs are meant to...

If This Blogger Doesn’t Inspire Tou to Travel, Nothing Will

Who doesn't fantasize about dropping everything and going someplace far every once in a while? But most of us never act on these feelings – it's just too scary. Liz Carlson, the...

Meet The Designer Who Made Travel Her Living

Tara Whiteman is a creative originally from Disney, Australia, who's living her dream. She travels around the world and documents her life and adventures, creating beautiful artistic photos of her destinations.