Mark Keffer’s Version of the Night Sky is Digital

Mark Keffer is one fascinating artist. His work seems to revolve around the unexpected symbiosis of the night sky and electric circuits. The result is as intriguing as it is visually pleasing.

Adam J. Kurtz’s Work Is Honest and Accessible

Adam J. Kurtz's Instagram bio reads: "I literally do not know what I'm doing." But with almost 300k followers, he kinda does. The designer, author, illustrator, and creative director makes varied content...

Jing Wei’s Art Is Playful and Dynamic

When it comes to her illustrations, Jing Wei relies on her background in printmaking but builds upon it. Formerly the illustration director for Etsy, the Chinese-born Brooklyn-based illustrator loves experimenting with different...

Dan Christofferson’s Art is Ahead of the Curve

Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer Dan Christofferson makes cool art for cool kids. Apart from a booming online presence, his illustrations can also be found on pennants, patches, pins, and flags - all...

Dan Tanenbaum Turns Time Into Art

Dan Tanenbaum is an artist from Toronto who has found a way to turn time into art. Okay, not literally, but let’s just say that this guy can use what you call...

Illustrator Combines Sculpture, Photography and Digital Editing

Blending digital editing with sculpture and photography is no easy task. Still, Yuichi Ikehata finds a way to blend all three to create hybrid works. These pieces of art meld together reality with some fictionalized...

Check Out These Incredible Artworks of Sebastian Errazuriz

Sebastian Errazuriz is a talented artist and designer from New York, best known for his innovative creations on different fields and disciplines. From huge art projects to political artworks, product design to experimental furniture, his...

Illustrator Creates Fantasy Scenes Out of Ordinery Objects

Blended art is fun to watch. This is because it shows how art can be created with objects around the house. This illustrator creates beautiful scenes with objects such as fruits, pins and other household items.

Teppei Takeda Creates Abstract Portraits with Brushstrokes

Japenese artist Teppei Takeda creates abstract portraits with gestural brushstrokes. His paintings don’t have faces or any particular details. Instead, they represent colorful silhouettes with a lot of character.

Check Out Soft-Sculpture Pigeon By Tina Trachtenburg

Tina Trachtenburg is an artist based in New York who’s crafting incredibly realistic urban wildlife animals inspired by those she sees in the streets and interacts with during her everyday life.