Add a Touch of Sophisticated Minimalism to Your Jewelry Collection

    Even if your fashion taste is fairly modest, a bold accessory can do no wrong. In fact, with the right piece of jewelry, you can make any old outfit stand out.

    Here to help you out is Elyse Tolles. The owner and jewelry designer of Elysian Theory, Tolles is known for her stand-alone pieces made of polymer clay. Her brand focuses mainly on earrings, with the occasional hair clip, and each piece is individually designed, pigmented, sculpted, and detailed by hand from start to finish.

    Based in Midtown Sacramento, Tolles aesthetics drives home the meaning of contemporary feminine. β€œElysian means beautiful, blissful, and ethereal, and also happens to be one possible origin story for my name, Elyse,” she explains on her website. β€œIn classical mythology, the Elysian Fields were a dreamed about place of ultimate beauty and happiness, and my personal favorite definition of the word is Ancient Greek one that means β€œto be deeply stirred from joy.” 

    β€œI’m constantly inspired by the nothing-short-of-magical feeling you get from wearing a gorgeous pair of statement earrings, and it’s my greatest honor to be able to pass that along to you,” she adds. Since launching her brand in 2015, she has amassed an impressive following online, thanks to her sophisticated minimalism and soft femininity.

    Below you’ll find some of our favorite pieces by Elysian Theory.