People Stopped Their Cars to Help a Huge Anaconda Cross the Road

We don’t get to see snakes very often, especially not big or dangerous snakes like anacondas. Well, people in Brazil recently had a very close encounter with one of these special reptiles and luckily no one was hurt.

It was a Monday morning in Brazil and people were driving to work on the interstate highway BR-364. It looked like just another regular Monday morning, until it was interrupted by something unexpected. They saw a huge anaconda crossing the road.

“We decided to stop the car and get out,” recalled Italo Nascimento Fernandes in an interview. Fernandes was one of the first people to stop when he saw the giant snake. “There are no signs for the cars to wait so she can cross. I have seen snakes run over on the highway before, and think such thing is a crime,” he added. Thankfully, they all waited until the snake slowly crossed the street and managed to get to the other side safely.

“It’s not everyone who protects animals like that. Some people prefer to see them dead,” Fernandes added. “Seeing all the people help gave a wonderful sensation.”

It was estimated that the snake was 10 years old and around 3 meters long.