Five Stages of Getting a Bad Haircut We All Experienced

A haircut is one of those things that can change person appearance completely. Grow your hair long, and you’ll be one person. Get a buzz cut, and even your parents won’t recognize you anymore. Now, we often know which style of haircut we are comfortable the most, and usually go with that. But what happens when getting a haircut goes terribly wrong? Well, the people in College Humor decided to sum it all up into five stages in their latest video.

In the first stage, called denial, you hope that your haircut just seems like it’s going the wrong way. After you realize that it about to go wrong all the way you get to the anger stage in which you start freaking out as well. After the next two self-explanatory stages, bargaining and denial, you get to the final step that is acceptance. At that point, there is nothing left to do but to wait until it grows. Ok, there is one thing you can do. Buy a hat and become a cowboy. Yeehaw!

Let’s check how these five stages of getting a bad haircut look like.