French Girl Dresses Like She’s Stuck in the Early 20th Century

    With her astonishing outfits, beautiful hairstyles, and makeup, a French girl named Alba will take you back to the era when being feminine meant wearing sophisticated dresses, red lipstick, and stylish hats.

    Also known as Alba in Paris or Miss Alba Banana on social media, the woman describes herself as “a vintage girl living in the beautiful city of Paris”. A shopping addict, Etsy lover, and history geek, she lives most of her life like it’s a musical.

    If you’re a fashion lover, scrolling through her Instagram account will be a treat for your eyes and soul. This fashionista often creates outfits inspired by memorable events, photographs, or scenes from old Hollywood movies, which she later showcases to her social media audience by posting perfectly captured images.

    If some of the dresses, hats, or earrings catch your eye, you can easily find them yourself because Alba makes sure that her followers get all the necessary information.

    According to her bio, she’s also a movie director and the creator of Les Garconnes Studio. If after you scroll through her pictures you like what you see, give her a follow! And don’t forget to explore her other social media accounts as well.