Musicians Are Helping Us Face Isolation with “Together at Home” Sessions

Self-distancing is proving to be a huge struggle for many people, and our favorite musicians are aware of how tough isolation can get during these testing times. That’s why they decided to...

Young Man Creates Funny Photo Manipulations With Celebrities

Have you ever wanted to be best friends with a celebrity and wondered what that would be like? Well, Omar Abu Ghebasha, a young man from Egypt, wanted to hang out with...

What If Current Celebs and Characters Existed in the Victorian Era

Sascha Vievers is a German artist who has been into drawing since he was a little boy. In one of his projects, the Berlin-based illustrator and graphic designer came up with an...

Russian Artist Transforms Celebrities Into Cartoon Characters

Lera Kiryakova is a gifted Russian artist who transforms celebrities into cartoonized versions of themselves. In her work, the Tula-based Kiryakova mostly uses pencils and markers to create her remarkable artwork.

This Actress Spends Her Weekends as a Disney Princess

Most girls grow up wishing they were a Disney princess. Melody Ricketts doesn't have to wish for it - she is a Disney princess.

Guy Recreates Celebrity Looks By Using Household Items

Toheeb Adedokun Akorede, also known as funnytoheeb on social media, has gained over half a million followers on his Instagram account thanks to his hilarious recreations of celebrity outfits. The actor, model,...

Emma Watson’s Feminist Book Club is Where the Cool Kids Are At

Looking for your next read? Want to join a community where you can share ideas and thoughts about what you've already read? We've got just the recommendation for you: Emma Watson's Goodreads...
Craig Alan's Portraits Of Iconic Figures Are Made Of Tiny People

Craig Alan’s Portraits of Iconic Figures Are Made of Tiny People

Everyone has a different way of expressing the way they perceive things. Craig Alan sees portraits of iconic figures and puts them on paper in a completely unexpected way.

Artist Creates Mesmerizing Topographic Sculptures

Octavian Mielu is a Romanian self-taught artist who creates topographic sculptures. According to his personal website, the 31-year-old artist’s work is an inspiration for a fantastic vision of topographical maps in creating artworks and style...

Lottie is the Makeup Guru You Need in Your Life

In the land of endless makeup tutorials its easy to get lost in it all. But if you're looking for your one, steady, makeup guru we recommend you go with Lottie.