Girl Scout Sold Thousands of Cookies Thanks to a Jason Momoa Photo

A Girl Scout named Charlotte Holmberg was dubbed as a “Cookie CEO,” after selling more than 2,000 boxes of cookies in 2018. What caught the attention of many was her clever marketing strategy to sell her product.

With the help of her mother, who is a marketing professional, Holmberg replaced the traditional packaging of “Samoas” cookies with a shirtless photo of actor Jason Momoa. The young student made some remarkable sales with her witty idea. Holmberg said that mothers in the area were particularly interested in buying Momoa box for themselves.

“The moms are getting really excited and are saying they need them!” she told Denver’s 9News.

But the genius sales girl knows how to target other audience. “Boys will also want to buy some because he might be their favorite character,” she explained.

Girl Scouts of America representative told Insider that Holmberg has since sold out her Momoa cookies. The representative also added that the earnings from Holmberg and her group’s cookie sales will be used “to give back locally.”

The will be “donating the money to enable Colorado girls in need to afford to become Girl Scouts, as well as collecting thousands of school supplies for students in need,” the representative shared. The Aquaman star has yet to comment on her marketing scheme.