This Instagram Account is Dressing Barbie In Designer Outfits

    17-year-old model Caroline Helsen is the person behind the fun Instagram page called McCarbie where she shares photos of Barbie dolls dressed in current runway outfits.

    Helsen turns to fashion shows for inspiration and recreates the outfits she likes to fit her Barbie dolls, then shares the result with her Instagram followers. Raise a hand if you enjoyed making clothes for your dolls when you were little! This girl is living every little girl’s dream and it’s just too adorable.

    Helsen explained why she started doing this several years ago. “I started making doll clothes when I was 13 years old, at the time me and my younger sister still played with dolls,” she says. “We really disliked all the pink, glittery outfits the Barbies wore, so I started making cooler outfits that reflected more what I wanted to wear, designer outfits. I taught myself how to sew and with a lot of patience I ended up sewing the way I do now.”

    Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve seen whole week?

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