Jokes That Programmers Can Relate to

Many people thought memes were going to become extinct last year, but it is almost the end of the year, and they are still trending. They have been prominent with expressing dark comedy and sarcasm. No industry is free from ‘memefication’ even the programmers. These experts are represented as serious individuals, but these memes show that they can be fun too.

These memes are not just for programmers alone, if you are tech savvy, you will enjoy them. They will surely crack you up. Let us have a peek of some of the hilarious memes.

Run as administrator

When the computer asks you to run as administrator, have you ever thought of a physical representation of that command? See it below:

WinRar trial period has ended

We all use WinRar on our Windows computers, and it never stops working despite warning you everytime you open the application.