Naida C. Castel’s Jewelry is Intentionally Raw

    Naida C. Castel’s jewelry pieces are a thing of beauty. Inspired by raw gemstones, flowers, and textures, her pieces are diamonds in the rough – quite intentionally (her Instagram bio stating that she makes “imperfect, high-end meaningful jewels”). In fact, with each piece Castel aims to show the honesty of the materials themselves, while exploring the spontaneity of form.

    Based on small productions and handmade or modeled materials, each piece is truly one of a kind. “With a female perspective on the world, she defends the true nature of things and admires beauty in all of its forms,” reads Castel’s website. And indeed, she pays special attention to the environment and recycles her unused metals.

    According to her website, Castel fell in love with jewelry when she was just a small girl. Having later studied art and product design in school, she’s since been hard at work. But she still enjoys traveling when she can, and is inspired by the new cultures and people she meets.

    Check out some of her designs in the gallery below.