Talented Artist Combines Celebrity Faces and the Results Are Mind-Blowing

Celebrities are those people whose names you know immediately without even thinking. But, this innovative artist and his Instagram account will really put your mind to work.

Ben is a French 25-year-old student who found a very interesting way to spend his free time and practice his artistic skills. If you visit @morphy_me on Instagram you will see that he combines celebrity faces and the final results are so unexpected.

Ben merges the faces of popular stars to get a final image that presents the perfect blend of features. And do you know what the best part is? You will be able to recognize the names of these celebs in a matter of seconds. Sometimes he even combines multiple faces, just like he did with the Jonas brothers.

If you simply can’t decide who of these three guys is the hottest one, @morphy_me just solved all of your doubts with a single post.